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"During the emotional highs and lows and sometimes confusing period of fertility treatment and early pregnancy, I have really valued the time and space of my sessions with Philippa - the chance to talk through certain things in more detail and in a more personalised way than with the doctors, as well as the time to slow down and reflect on myself and my body.
I am sure the acupuncture treatments themselves have helped me conceive on a first cycle of IVF, but I have really valued the whole therapy session around the acupuncture, and the care and sympathy of Philippa’s treatment."
Fertlity and pregnancy client, age 41. First time mum to a baby girl.

"Philippa played a crucial role in the lead up to my conception. Despite having polycystic ovaries I conceived quickly and naturally. Philippa's calm, reassuring manner, considered treatment and advice eased my concerns and helped remove stress and anxiety from the process."
Fertility and pregnancy client, aged 34. First time mum to a baby boy. Acupuncture for preconception and birth preparation - positive planned home birth.

"We had our scan yesterday and have a happy, healthy, wriggly baby that apparently likes to lie on their tummy! I'm so happy and relieved!
I also just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the support (and accupuncture) you offered me! I really did appreciate our sessions and all your listening and help.
Everyone presumes the hard part was the IVF but it really was the year plus of trying before when you are out there on your own trying for something you know might not ever happen, trying to get doctors to listen, with people saying "just relax".
I really appreciated you at that point, you always gave helpful thoughtful advice that fitted with me! I felt I had a professional on my side that wasn't fobbing me off and that listened! So thank you!"
Fertility Client with severe Endometriosis, aged 34.

"Thanks so much for your amazing help. Went in for induction and Julie, my midwife, said my cervix was ready to break my waters. So a big thanks. You made me feel so much calmer, too."
Pregnancy client, aged 42, following birth preparation treatment for her second child.

"I suffered for years with horrendous migraines, which were so bad I would need to take regular time off work. After 6 sessions of acupuncture they began to ease and after two months they stopped completely. I have not had a migraine now for 6 months."
Migraine client, aged 45

"With Philippa I have struck gold. Magical hands."
Neck pain client, aged 67. Treated with Tui na massage and acupuncture.

"I can't recommend Philippa Summers enough.
I suffer from a long term variable condition (M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and I’ve always found acupuncture a great help - in gently boosting my energy, in relieving some of the many aches and pains I feel throughout my body, in helping me to relax and to get better sleep and in helping to clear other short term conditions (viruses and infections) which seem to get ‘stuck’ in my system.
More recently I have also suffered from IBS, and on top of the acupuncture treatments I have found Philippa’s knowledge and advice on dietary matters very good.
In addition Philippa offers massage which is a lovely treat and great for the aching and knotted muscles which my condition makes me prone to.
Philippa is gentle, caring and kind and very good at listening and I've always found seeing her a great help."
ME client, aged 57.

"Philippa has excellent listening skills. She has been a major support, helping me manage a long term chronic condition, improve my health and consequently reduce my very potent medication. Acupuncture reduces my pain (muscle and joint pain, headaches and sinus pain) and helps me sleep really well. A brilliant consequence for me is feelling a real lift in my energy, as I have chronic fatigue."
Lupus client, aged 54

"Before the first session I was really stressed due to the work, I suffered bruxism as well that produced me constant tension around my face, neck and shoulders. After the first session I noticed great changes, I felt relax, calm and with peacefulness. I am much better know, I will continue going as I found out a really good way to relax my body and my mind. She is highly professional and expert, she knows perfectly how to help you and what you need. She is patient, calm and makes you feel more than comfortable at all times. I would highly recommended!
Now I feel full of energy and grateful for the presents that live give us! Was a big one to meet her!"
Client with Bruxism and facial pain.

"I would highly recommend Philippa for acupuncture. I visited Phil over quite an extended period having been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, Sarcoidosis. I was prescribed initially quite a high dose of steroids and found the acupuncture really helped me manage both the symptoms of the disease and the side effects of being on steroids.
I used to get huge bursts of energy from the steroids, followed by chronic rheumatic pain in my shoulders and legs. I'm terrified of needles, but despite this, used to look forward to the sessions enormously. Phil would always listen in detail to how I'd been that week and use the needles accordingly, occasionally adding in the use of massage or 'moxa'. The whole experience was incredibly relaxing and I used to sleep immediately after the session and used to sleep so much better in the following days. Sarcoidosis causes chronic fatigue, steroids brought chronic insomnia so I was on a constant roller coaster.
Phil was incredibly gentle and skilled in her use of the needles, I mention this in case this has ever put anyone off acupuncture, due to fear of needles. It isn't painful I promise. From a holistic point of view, I couldn't recommend it more. It was a very hard time of my life, with work, children, chronic fatigue, insomnia and horrible symptoms from the steroids - anxiety, mania, weight gain and yes even a moustache! Can't thank Phil enough for her warmth, kindness and above all knowledge and skill. It really helped with my recovery. I am a firm believer in the benefits of acupuncture. Do try it. Phil is a kind, skilled and experienced practitioner, I couldn't recommend her more highly."
Client with Sarcoidosis and fear of needles

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